Müller® Dessert Inspired Yogurt Review (Strawberry Cheesecake)

3:00 PM

Madison and myself decided to give the new Müller® Dessert Inspired Yogurt a try today. We are first testing out the strawberry cheesecake flavor. This yogurt is large enough to share in my opinion, although I easily could have had one all on my own. This is a great way to get your sweet tooth fix without all the guilt.

This yogurt was sweet without being too sweet and the crunch of the topping really made it taste a lot like cheesecake. I loved the texture it added overall and Madison gave it two thumbs up as well.

What I liked most about this yogurt were the nutritional facts. Not only is it a low calorie snack but it is a good source of both protein and calcium. There is no high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, flavors. or preservatives. It's a product where you get exactly what you're promised without worrying about what crazy "fake" ingredients have been used. It is also made with milk from cows not treated with hormones like rBST. It's something you can feel good about not only you but your entire family eating.

It comes in a variety of other flavors including raspberry brownie supreme, dulce de leche delight, and peach cobbler. All of which will be reviewed on the blog over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Let me know what your favorite dessert is and if you've tried this dessert inspired yogurt! As always any comments, questions, or requests are greatly appreciated! Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: I was provided a free coupon to try this product in part with BzzAgent and Müller, all opinions are my own.

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