Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza Review (Pepperoni and Cheese)

8:35 PM

As a stay at home mom to twin 10 year olds, I am well aware of how frustrating it can be to get everyone to sit down at the dinner table and eat without complaints. Thankfully I was given the opportunity to try out the new Red Baron Brick Oven pizza and it did wonders on making dinner a breeze for me. I am one who ends up spending hours in the kitchen every night cooking for the family and unfortunately my hard work is not always appreciated. 

This pizza made my family a group of very happy customers. We all agreed that this pizza was of restaurant quality and is definitely a go to choice from now on. The kids even helped me bake and due to the short cooking time they had the patience to stick around and help set the table and slice up the pizza. We didn't have very many leftovers but I'm not complaining about that

Let me know what brand of pizza your family tends to grab from the frozen section and don't forget to try out the new Red Baron Brick Oven pizza

Disclaimer: I was provided a free coupon to try out this product in part with Bzzagent and Red Baron. All opinions are my own.

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