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9:20 AM has been a constant source of homeschooling worksheets for me since I began schooling my children. They have a clean setup that is easy to navigate through and they offer two types of accounts, a free "basic" limited account and a paid "plus" unlimited account.

I have experience only with the free account as I am able to pull enough material from books and other websites to compile my work for each school year. I mainly use this site for worksheets to fill in certain areas or to go along with handwritten material I have made using books and other programs.

They supply worksheets for grades all the way up to high school, although I would say the website is more focused on elementary aged children since there is far more material for those grades. I also love this site for holiday themed worksheets and art material.

The one thing that really makes this site unique in my opinion is the fact that you can build your own workbooks. I have yet to try this feature out as I haven't had the need but I can see the huge benefit this can be. Aside from the worksheets, there is also a worksheet generator.

With this generator you can create your own crossword puzzles, math worksheets, mazes, and many other types of language arts and learning game worksheets. This saves a lot of work from having to download other programs or do it by hand, which I have done many endless nights. Overall, this site has been a great help to me and it is always the first I recommend any homeschooling parent to check out.

As always any questions, comments, or requests are greatly appreciated! Talk to you soon!

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